social learning disability – Discussion


These readings have helped me understand that social learning disability does not necessarily means having difficulties on the social domain rather it is when a person misses key languages, for example when one perceive something differently. It is also when somebody cannot find the right word to describe of a certain item. In such a situation a student may not be sure whether it is appropriate to do something or not. I have also learnt that learning disability is not autism and spectrum disability, neither are they vision or hearing disability. People with learning disability are as smart as others without. It is a problem that can be treated if identified early enough. I have also learned that learning disability cannot be caused by emotional disturbance and economic disadvantages of an individual. CITATION Cor11 l 1033 (Cortiella, 2011)The new information that Lyon’s articles offer in the field of learning disability is that learning disabilities are real and the affected are characterized by genetic or neural anomalies. Learning disabilities are not imaginary as perceived earlier. The recent evidence also indicates that directs and systematic instructions affect brain activity. Lyon also points out that a typical brain function can be modified by instruction justifying continued work in the institutional aspect of learning disabilities and neurological.

According to Lyon and Hallahan, students should be taught to approach tasks systematically as this helps to represent a similar contribution from the area of education and learning disabilities. Students should be taught to perform various academic tasks systematically and instructions of reading comprehensions and written expressions given CITATION Swa13 l 1033 (Swanson, 2013). Systematic monitoring of students performance also helps in solving learning disability related problems. This helps to analyze behaviors of students to learning disabilities.

The question I would like to pose for the group is that once a problem of learning disability has been identified in a student is there a special program to train such students or do they just continue with the same syllabus just like other students?


Mazzocco, M. M., Feigenson, L., & Halberda, J. (2011). Impaired acuity of the approximate number system underlies mathematical learning disability (dyscalculia). Child development, 82(4), 1224-1237.Flanagan, D. P., & Alfonso, V. C. (2010). Essentials of specific learning disability identification (Vol. 82). John Wiley & Sons.

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