Social workers work in different roles in society; these roles vary from organisation and community to community

Discussion 4

Social workers work in different roles in society; these roles vary from organisation and community to community. They can be in the interpretation of system theories, empowerment of communities or role theory formulation. System theory is the interdisciplinary analysis of organization of phenomenon (biological, technological, social or material) with an aim of explaining values applicable to such phenomenon. Empowerment is the process where individuals, organisation or societies feel they have the capacity to find solutions to problems facing them, control those means and when they have authority to make free decision without coercion (Rubin & Rubin, 2000). As social workers in society, we are also involved with the explanation of the roles of different individuals and organization in society. How the roles come into play in the benefit of the society as a whole clearly set out by the social workers.

The components of the field of action that we would so much need to work with are among them the policy formulation team, the community and the local leaders. These will be the major components of our involvement with the society and they will greatly have a bearing on what we will do as a team of the Central Church Family and the Low Building management. The community need to be involved in the whole process by giving their ideas on a proper way of realizing the tenant houses. Participatory processes in the realization of objectives in the community asset-based community building are most appropriate. There will be attempts to include local administration in the process to ensure that the projects do not interfere with laws of the land. These will form part of the action plan and will assist in the implementation of the project undertaken (Hardcastle, Powers, & Wenocur, 2011).

Client system refers to the relationship that exists between a social worker and the environment in which they are working. How the environment influences the decision made by the client in solving the problem is what a client system is. The Central Church Family and tenants are the clients who need to be involved in the whole process and whose actions and decisions will affect the realization of the asset- building project.

Potential target system is the neighbouring tenants from the poor neighbourhood. There is need to expand the circle of participation by encouraging more members to come into the group. The good internal relationships with initial members will be the stepping-stone to external connections (Hardcastle, Powers, & Wenocur, 2011). At this level, asset mapping, coalition and networking skills come to play. Members bring their friends and neighbours to important action system events and meetings. It is good to state here that members must feel appreciated and involved in the actions of the action system.

Task environment is that particular external environment that directly affects the operations of the organisation. It is the interface environment experienced by an organisation from its course of running its business and therefore there is need for an organization to ensure that they take into consideration factors as they have a direct impact on their returns. The task environment is composed of the strategic partners; these are the companies and organisation that work together for the benefit of both parties. Competitors, they are those organizations that either is using the same raw materials or offer the same service hence compete for resources. Third, is a customer who are also an element in the task environment, suppliers are also part of the task environment and they are involved with the provision of the organization’s needs (Rubin & Rubin, 2000). Government agencies also form party of this environment and are involved with the regulation and provision of guidelines on the best way to run this asset-building community projects.

There is need for a proper and fair exchange programme between the task environment members and the Low Building society for both will benefit from a good customer relationship. The government agencies should come up with regulation that will promote the activities of the Low Building. Suppliers should supply the products and raw materials as prescribed and in time. Low building supply quality products to consumers and they should pay fairly for goods (Hardcastle, Powers, & Wenocur, 2011). There is need of consideration in the transactions. These power sharing will affect the strategies employed because there will be need to consider outside players as opposed to when the sole power remained with the client.

Obstacles encountered in the formulation of onsite social services include a rise of a conflict. There will be resistance from the key players in the whole industry; the change brought about by new strategies resisted. This is due to conflict theory where there are always the conservative parties.

Self-efficacy will come into play in these setting, there is every reason to transact and hold client ideas as valid arguments and give them a good reasoning. There is no need to view ourselves as the only people with best ideas but allow others to make their contributions (Rubin & Rubin, 2000).

Political ideologies play a role in the realization and coordination of the project. Political goodwill and support is the key in realizing the project.

The unorganized tenants’ position of high rents is only looking on the short run. They need to see the need to have a good environment and setting. There is every reason to believe in the Central Church Family Service Centre.

Political consciousness has risen because political ideologies and believes are key to the realization of good projects in society.


Hardcastle, D.A., Powers, P.A., & Wenocur, S. (2011). Community practice: Theories and skills for social workers, (3rd ed.). New York: OxfordUniversity.Rubin, H. J. & Rubin, I. S. (2000).Community organizing and development, (3rd ed.). Boston: Imprint/Allyn and Bacon.

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