Statement of Purpose – Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University (SOP).

Statement of Purpose – Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University (SOP).

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Statement of Purpose – Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University (SOP).

I hereby apply for admission to pursue a Doctor of Liberal Arts degree in the department of Government in international relations at Georgetown University. I believe that the Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University is designed for individuals like me who have the motivation and potential to excel in their careers. It is in my opinion that this program is designed for individuals who hold the background as well as analytical skills requisite for managerial and administrative decision-making in the public and private sectors. It is in my opinion that the Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University provides the opportunity I require to develop my competencies in administration and management. I am aware that the objective of Georgetown education is to create exceptional creative thinkers, and problem-solvers.

In this paper I have provided an overview of my scholarly as well as professional. I have also provided an overview of my career objectives as well as the inspiration to pursue the Doctor of Liberal Arts degree at Georgetown University. I am presently a working as a Supervisor for the Immigration Analyst unit at the Arlington Asylum Office.  I have an Associate and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I also hold a Masters degree in Public Administration from Strayer University, Washington, DC. In the course of my previous studies, I have developed a keen interest in pursuing international relations to the PHD level. It is in light of this that I find international relations in the department’s graduate program the most appropriate channel to prepare for a successful career, since it introduces scholars to cutting-edge research across the field and trains them to become productive global citizens. 

In the course of my career in the public sector, I have had the opportunity to serve in many different details in offices around the United States, as well as abroad. As a Supervisory Immigration Analyst I supervise a group of Immigration Analysts responsible for directing, implementing, coordinating, and overseeing a major department-wide mission or administrative program requiring application of a wide range of qualitative systems and support principles, processes and systems. I research and conduct studies which involve the search and examination of CIS records and databases to obtain pertinent information on cases, policies, procedures, trends, evaluation, and other similar matters to make determinations on case specific problems. I respond to case specific and general filing inquiries from internal and external customers, including various USCIS offices, and other government agencies. I research, prepare and provide verbal or written technical guidance, information and support to various USCIS office management staff in the application of management systems and/or programs. I conduct data queries, and validate and analyze data and create reports for management on program elements. 

As an Immigration Analyst (Asylum), between 1/04/2009 to 11/20/2010, my core duties and responsibilities were to search applicants’ background checks. The most important tool within the USCIS data systems, is RAPS and CIS, also CLAIMS, TECS IBIS, other lookout databases, commercial databases, and various open sources to determine if information relates to a subject and the extend of derogatory information. I would verify information through system checks, electronic inquiries and in contact with the Asylum Officers, Asylum Supervisors and other Immigration Offices. I ensured that applicants complied with all relevant background check and fingerprints (biometric) check procedures. I would also serve as an assistant to the Director, Deputy Director, and Supervisors in gathering data, preparing documentation, creating reports, organizing records, and assembling files. I entered the selected information into various databases and automated tracking system; performing a variety of assignments, such as assembling and summarizing incoming background check information, and other materials. I determined whether the background check results present a possible bar to the Grant of Asylum or require notification of law enforcement personnel. I also determined through consultations with the Deputy Director or other Authority Personnel whether a case must be forwarded for adjudication or taken off the production schedule for further examination of the background check results.  I determined if the Asylum Office has jurisdiction over an Asylum case, a Nacara case; a credible and reasonable fear case by analyzing facts, examining any available documents and researching and analyzing appropriate information. I would personally issue cases decision and deportation or exclusion charging documents. I prepared charging documents and review them and their attachments against the information in the file to ensure completeness and accuracy of charges as well as compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and procedures.  I reviewed the applicant decision and made sure that the applicant understood the content of each document in the decision packet.  I conducted face-to-face prescreening interviews with applicant and elicit sufficient information from the applicant through questioning and reviewing a variety of documents to determine the prima facie eligibility of benefits under special program settlements and regulations and prepared reports on suspected fraudulent intent by applicants. 

As a Immigration Officer/Contact Office Representative between 2/28/1999 to 1/4/2009, I had the opportunity to serve in many different details in offices around the United States (Atlanta District Office and Los Angeles District Office among others,) as a Representative of the Arlington Asylum Office, (Arlington, VA,), as part of my job, I would assist the Asylum Officers with the administrative duties that comes with the preparation of the interviews.  I would deliver grants to applicants and provide advice and guidance to applicants concerning the full-range of grant and agreement determinations and cooperative agreements with Federal, state and local agencies, memoranda of understanding, and relevant laws and immigration regulations. I created award and court packages and ensured all the necessary documentation was included.  Prior to delivering or giving an applicant his/hers Grant, I would review grant benefits for clarity and completeness and provide advice and assistance in the development of criteria and standards for the planning, implementation and evaluation of grant applications. I reviewed and processed award amendments, including, but not limited to: removal of special conditions/holds; changes in authorized representatives/points of contact, and sole source justifications, and changes in scope. Between Jan 3, 2005 and March 5, 2005, I served in Kenya (Africa), as an Immigration/Administrator officer for the Immigration and Citizenship Office at the US embassy in Nairobi. In this assignment I was able to process over 1,000 cases in two months, optimally using my many different skills while making sure that all DHS/CIS Regulations were followed. My duties included many aspects of the immigration process, at various levels of responsibility. These included processing many of the Refugees applications and adjudicating applications (and associated benefits) for refugee settlement in the United States. I executed facts review and analysis upon examining applicants’ documents for authenticity. I also carried out research on the laws and country conditions, with the help of the OIC (Officer in charge.) I also reviewed case files and decisions to ensure that quality standards were met.  I collected and evaluated intelligence information, and brought refugee fraud leads to the OIC’s attention. I carried out screening of affidavits to determine eligibility of family reunification refugee cases. I reviewed biometric data clearance for refugee entry into the United States. I checked for Holds to be lifted, and lifted them if all corrections were made.  I would check the applicants and dependents’ pictures for fraud, and poison pen letters, verify their class clearances and RAVU letters. Between 1999 and Jan 3, 2005, I served as a Contact Representative, in the Department of Justice, Arlington Asylum Office, Arlington, VA. While between 5/1990 to 1999, I served as an US Army Legislative Liaison, attached to the Pentagon, Arlington, VA.

It would be a privilege to me to secure admittance to pursue a Doctor of Liberal Arts degree in the department of Government in international relations at Georgetown University. I am resolved to match the excellence standards laid down by Georgetown University.

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