Summary and outline of Twyla Tharp chapter 7-9





Summary and outline of Twyla Tharp chapter 7-9

Summary for reading

Tharp uses the most part of the book to explain strategies for success in both dance and choreography and business strategy. The last two chapters thus shift from the main theme so as to reflect on the concept of failure. Failure is a factor that is experienced by each and every human being. The author takes the initiative to admit her past and present failures in the industry (Tharp, 1- 243).

Success is one of the most sort after factors in the life of all human beings. The main way for an individual to have success is to follow their dreams and perform their duties to the best of their abilities. This is essential in identifying ones talents which can either make or break a person (Derezinski, 144).

When taking the route to success, a person is met with a number of hurdles that they have to overcome. This is a significant part of a person’s life in that this is the point when they prove their worth so themselves and the world.

The author mentions that the quest to achieving our dreams is bitter sweet. Individuals are forced to break some rules so that they can identify with their new character. This new character is armed with the confidence needed for facing our problems without fear.

When challenges are presented to human beings, we either choose to confront them or take a back seat. This is a defining moment in a human beings life in that it places them in the next level of life good or bad.

When a person confronts their challenges, they can either succeed or fail. Failure is the experience of defeat, or the lack of achievement. When people do not succeed in their fulfilling their dreams. There is a high probability that they will react negatively to the situation. This should not be the case according to the author (Tharp, 1- 243).

Getting back on the bandwagon is an essential step in an achievers life. When one does not succeed in achieving their goals, they acquire a low self esteem. This is not an ideal situation due to the repercussion that comes with this new attitude.

Failing is one of the hardest experiences to undergo. This experience can however, act as a blessing in disguise to an individual in this situation. The only way of dealing with this issue is to move one in a positive light. Having a positive attitude towards failure is the only way to get through hard times in life. One can move on by learning from their mistakes (Derezinski, 134).

The last two chapters place emphasis on facing failure due to the fact that is part of life. A person cannot be consistently successful in everything they do. Falling from grace is sometimes considered to be an ideal situation in life. The book trains young minds to deal with failure at an early stage in life.

There are many ways of moving on to new ideas and opportunities. This is however, difficult due to the constant reminder of the past. One can move forward with the help of a mentor. This in turn, showcases the need for a person to identify with a role model who can act as a positive influence (Tharp, 1- 243).

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