Thank you for allowing

Community Health Project Permission Form

Thank you for allowing: (student’s name) enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Aspen University to complete their Community Health Nursing Project experience at your organization.  The project experiences the student will obtain in your organization are of critical importance to a successful learning experience in this course. Students need the “real life” experience to demonstrate competency in the successful implementation of a community health nursing educational project. 

This project experience provides opportunities where the student can acquire knowledge, advance skills, and observe the modeling of professional behaviors.  Without your willingness to participate, it would be impossible to replicate the experiences the student needs to be successful. The project setting is where synthesis of concepts and application of principles of epidemiology, research and critical thinking occur.

Please sign this form below, as acknowledgement and acceptance that our student can complete their teaching project at your organization or facility.

Again, many thanks to you!






Organization or Facility



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