This assignment is based on the assignment that we did before

Due day 1/6/22 at 11:59pm

This assignment is based on the assignment that we did before


You will provide a set of instruction according to the needs/Rhetorical Situation (Links to an external site.) of a specific audience of your choosing. We are interested in developing a document that is specially tailored to an audience.


1.  Reflection (1-page, single-spaced minimum):

Describe your general approach to the assignment and how/why you edited the document following peer review (include both your peer reviewers’ names (first & last) and describe exactly what they suggested and how you addressed those issues in your subsequent drafts.

Also describe the feedback you received from your instructor and how you addressed it.

Whether or not you chose to address all suggestions offered by your peer reviewers and instructors, explain why.

Finally, describe what you learned about your own writing/approach to the assignment by reviewing your peers’ work. 

2.  Audience Analysis (100-150 words): Please identify a specific professional, organizational audience who will benefit somehow from the set of instructions you are providing.

Ideally, you will choose an audience with which you have personal experience, like a previous employer that might appear on your resume.

This audience analysis is for you, the writer, so that you start by choosing who it is you are writing to and why they need the information (rather than the other way around).

Knowing more about your audience will allow you to better tailor your document. In your audience analysis, prove:

a) the name of the company/organization/committee/etc and what they do;

b) your title within the company/organization/committee/etc and your role/responsibilities; and

c) a summary of the specific people and their roles within the company/organization/committee that need the instructions.

d) a description of why these people need these instructions.

3. Instructions (Minimum of 10 steps, graphics required, some/all of which might have sub-steps and additional information)

As described in more detail at the link here (Links to an external site.), your instruction set should include the following:

a) Detailed Title – The title should be the most direct and succinct summary of the instruction set, identifying exactly who the instructions are for and what the instructions show how to do.

b) Introduction – Building on some of the detail you gathered in the Audience Analysis, in the introduction you are writing to your intended user, explaining who they are, what the instructions are, and why they need them and/or will benefit from them.

c) Warnings/Caution – While some warnings might relate to physical harm (fire, chemicals, etc), other warnings might relate to common mistakes that can be made while conducting the procedure or issues with materials used. Other issues might relate to personal data and other privacy issues that might be relevant. In some cases, the issues might be very minor, though you can still discuss them in this section.

d) Technical Background – This section should clearly detail everything the user needs to know, and background they should have, before starting the instructions. If they should already possess these things, identify exactly what they are. If your intended readers may not already have this background/experience, but they need it to complete the instructions, provide them with what they need in this section.

e) Materials – What specific items do users need? A specific computer or operating system? A specific version of software? Certain tools or hardware? List everything with as much detail as possible, ideally providing visuals.

e) Steps (10+, must include graphics)

Instructions contain lots of information: action (or steps), sub-steps, explanation, warning, results, explanatory information, etc. Be sure to differentiate all of these various types of information somehow. For example, rather than providing a paragraph for each step, break up accordingly into bullet points, or use other formatting techniques to differentiate the various types of information you are providing.

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