This is a report of interview conducted on Musimbi Kanyoro, who is the Chief executive officer and president of Global Fund f


Overview of the subject

This is a report of interview conducted on Musimbi Kanyoro, who is the Chief executive officer and president of Global Fund for Women (GFW), which is a non-governmental organization, which has multi-objectives. Among the various roles, GFW does consultancy, offering grants, advisory, advocacy, empowerment, peace keeping, and protecting health and sexual rights of women. As will be detailed later, the organization not only benefits the registered members but also the non-member in the attempt to lure them to join. Therefore, from the mission and vision of the organization it was evident that women can make big developmental strides, especially by learning from Musimbi Kanyoro.

Objectively, the interview was meant to research on women who strive so hard on the global avenues to address the social, economic, and political factors that affect the society. With that, the consolidated result will be used to build a database on their profiles, global contributions, their arguments or view points, and drive. As a result, this interview on Musimbi Kanyoro provides an appropriate sample for the whole research.

As a sample interview, I interviewed Musimbi Kanyoro, who apart from being the CEO and the president of GFW is a prominent advocate dealing with girls’ health and women’s rights, and social cultural change philanthropy. Again, Dr. Kanyoro is a transformative leader who has close to three decades of experience in managing and leading international NGOs, cross-cultural enumenical agencies, and global programs and projects. With that experience and global stature, she has acquired strategic and transformative leadership skills that enable her to inspire a number of people in the global arena.

Dr. Kanyoro commenced the interview by questioning why I was interested in their organization out of the very many options; this surprised me but I tried to convince her that from what I know about her and the organization, it would provide the best ideas to answer my research questions. Thereafter, she was very free with me and started by explaining that, despite the commonalities in various organizations, significant disparity is found on how they execute their roles. She further explained that many organizations do duplicate what others do instead of clearly defining their roles, which leads to unhealthy competitions among them. The doctor again stressed on the importance of good leadership that must be transformative, informative, and inclusive to all the stake holders in the organization.

Throughout the interview, Dr. Kanyoro kept consulting her diary, which implicitly revealed the benefits of keeping records. When I asked her how recording keeping is essential for the thriving of their organization, she started a whole new level of discussion about their organization. Explicitly, the organization deals with funding, through mobilizing and dissemination of fund, which inevitably calls for proper record keeping and accounting of all inputs and output.

For better understanding about women and their role, I asked her about personal questions on a general notion so as to grasp the most out of the conversation. She detailed replied by reiterating that, women still represent a minor percentage of what is needed of them. However, she defended women by basing her argument on the crude and unfair social and cultural notions that still prevail worldwide, which sidekick women in favor of male. The answer struck me, so I further enquired why and how she reached to that famous and big position and what drives her? She surprisingly responded that challenges and failures keep her moving as opposed to what people normally look for, success. Doctor Kanyoro explained the whenever she fails in her undertaking, she get a wider field to work on that facilitates t improvement of her efforts and focus.

According to Dr. Kanyoro, if girls and women are given equal platform as women, the world will realize double its growth; not because women work better, but because so many women are not even given a chance to work as their male counterparts. She also approached the idea by saying that most women have been force to relax or render unproductive roles, but the advantaged are overworked, which affect the efficiency and effectiveness of their roles. She again linked women lower plight to global male chauvinism.

Furthermore, the interview revealed that the lady has vast skills to mobilize resources and actions. She does this though her well developed oratory skills and capability of associating with people from several social and cultural backgrounds. In order to achieve this, she learnt several languages, which she claims to be undertaking the lessons regularly so as to maintain and improve her acquaintance. She insisted that proper communication is the foundation for association and leadership.

She is also an author of more than ten articles in addition to writing and co-editing seven books. Additionally, Dr. Kanyoro has made hundreds of speeches coupled with various opinion pieces, which make her frequently sought after to make public speech. She reiterated that her developed communication skills and love for languages have earned her a great stature and global respect, which happened to be a big challenge to the interviewer, me.

In addition, the doctor has served on several international boards, meetings, conferences, workshops, and working groups, some of which include the CHANGE, UN High level Taskforce for Reproductive Health and the boards of CARE, Aspen Leaders council , and IntraHealth (xxxx)

Markedly, Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro holds a PhD education level in Linguistics which she got from the University of Austin and Texas. In addition to that, the lady has a Doctorate in the field of Feminist, which she earned in San Francisco Theological Seminary. From the Harvard University, she studied a course on the Old Testament and Hebrews. Furthermore, she has received various recognition awards and three honorary degrees; for example, she acquired an award on leadership from the government of Kenya. Also, she was recently named in the list of 21 women leaders by Women’s E-News

In conclusion, is a global role model of so many women in the world society that should be emulated in order girls and women to compete their male counterparts. Both implicitly and explicitly from her responses, she has risen to her current position through hard work, tolerance, and mentorship, which all women ought to embrace and apply.

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