Success has been one of the most desired phenomena for many people. Every person strives to succeed in every aspect of his life. It is noteworthy that success does not imply that an individual does not have some setbacks in his life. Indeed, it would be difficult to define success without setbacks. Success may be defined as the prosperous or favorable termination of an attempt or endeavor, which may be characterized by the attainment of position, wealth, honors and other aspects. Thomas Cullen can be said to be a success in more than one aspect of his life.

Having in mind that he had little success in his early life, it is surprising that he was able to turn himself from a moderate performer to a success. His grades were always on the middle at best, but by the time he was in Wharton College he was among the 10% of the class. In essence, he was able to overturn his academic performance from poor performance to relative excellence.

In addition, it is noteworthy that Thomas Cullen has managed to have a grip at defining what he wanted to do with his life. He defined that he wanted marketing and sought to sharpen his experience in the field. His stint in the detergent business with Procter and Gamble for 20 months was marked with success. In addition, he chose a post that other people were trying to evade and turned it into one of the most influential departments in McKinsey. It is not surprising that he also became one of the most influential and powerful people in the company. It is noteworthy that his position has continued to change with every new challenge bringing new success.

In the personal front, Thomas Cullen has managed to balance his family life with work. He knows that he is weak as far as emotions are concerned, but takes it all in his stride, allowing his children to have the best of him. All in all, he has defined success in his own way and followed it up.

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