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Colonialism is the act of gaining political authority over other settlements and countries, as well as plundering the economies of the victims mentioned. Whereas slavery is the condition in which an individual is owned by another and forced to do labor. It produces a great deal of pain and suffering for the victims, both physically and psychologically. This article will focus on the treatment of Africans and their descendants in colonial Virginia between 1629 and 1705. We will be able to witness how white people handled black people at the time as a result of this. However, we will be able to comprehend the historical events that occurred throughout colonialism.

Slavery of blacks occurred gradually in the American colonies, and historians believe that numerous Africans living in Virginia in 1619 were sold by a Dutch ship, implying that the slave trade was active at the time. The slave trade became the dominant thing in the 1680s. Working on the plantations was a harsh punishment for these slaves. As a result of this, the demand for black people got so strong that selling black people to whites became a frequent item of trade.

During the 1629 colonial Virginia, the majority of Africans were obtained from Ndongo’s Kingdom, a province of Angola. Africans used to be taken to Virginia and sold as slaves. Africans were segregated from whites in seventeenth-century Virginia owing to culture and race. The primary motivation for acquiring slaves was the strong demand for labor, particularly on tobacco-growing estates.

According to ‘partus sequitur,’ the offspring of those captive mothers had likewise been slaves since birth. They had little freedom because they couldn’t travel anywhere. Enslaved persons were regularly exposed to rigorous labor in a variety of chores from Monday through Saturday. Several acts are related to Virginia’s colonial slavery.

One of the acts is the act that legalizes slavery’s penalty and abolition. This ordinance was primarily intended to punish individuals who had been disobedient of the whites’ regulations. The slaves who had become sluggish and inept were also to be executed, according to the show.

Such activities caused a great deal of pain to Africans. Another act was performed to distinguish between white and black guys. The purpose of the act was to demonstrate a white guy’s superiority over a black man. The black guy was to be exposed to hard labor and forced to work extra hours.

Another statute was used in Virginia to identify who became a slave after entering the state. Slaves were those who were physically stronger and could work under more difficult conditions. They were just offering free labor under these circumstances. The act to repress the slave’s rebellious behaviors was employed to guarantee that any activity that was not in accordance with what the slave anticipated was dealt with quickly. Those who were found to be breaking the rules were almost always slain. The whites simply wanted Africana to follow the rules they set. Africans who were free were never acknowledged in any way. All of these acts caused a great deal of pain to Africans since they were unable to live free lives.

In conclusion, the Africans are seen as the primary victims of colonialism from the time it started and even the way it ended. We have seen in this text how humiliated the blacks were, and they had no other choice than to obey due to their weakness. However, it is still believed that this is the main Couse as to why Africa is behind in terms of developments, unlike the other continents.


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