t’s Time For Business Leaders To Come Together On Mental Health

HYPERLINK “https://www.forbes.com/sites/deloitte/2021/03/30/its-time-for-business-leaders-to-come-together-on-mental-health/?sh=1a0463804183” It’s Time For Business Leaders To Come Together On Mental Health (forbes.com)

This article in Forbes has been written by Emma Codd who is a global inclusion leader. She talks of how mental health has become an important issue in the business world. This is because several times there has been a problem of people not being able to perform perfectly due to their mental health issues which are generally stress and depression. Due to these issues therefore the business world is adversely being affected since a depressed person cannot be productive. She gives different reasons for the causes of depressions which include; lack of support in the workplace; deadlines to meet which are strict, very difficult projects to work on, very high expectations, lack of control, lack of proper development when one is a child, being unable to open up or express oneself, long term career and financial outlooks, family welfare among other reasons.

The reason for this post is that it is a perfect post for horizon scanning since it has been written very recently in 30th March 2021. It focuses on the future of the business world and how it can be affected by mental health issues among the employees.

What will life look like after most people get the vaccine? – FuturityThis article from futurity talks of how lives have changed due to corona virus pandemic and how life is expected to change now that an anti-virus has been established. It talks of how this is going to affect people’s social life, the manner in which a person lives, the education sector and so much more about the life of a person. This article therefore is a perfect one for horizon scanning since it focuses on the future of the world in light of corona virus and how this is going to affect the world we live in. even though there is not fixed view of how life will be after most or everyone gets the antivirus there are speculations that some people will be uncomfortable with the anti-virus and only take it because it is what is expected to guarantee their life with the other people.

This information therefore it is important for horizon scanning since the future is still unclear but there are assumptions which can be deduced from the information presented. This article was written on 12th April 2021.

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