Uses of an expansion card

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Uses of an expansion card

Computers have evolved as the most useful human invention in modern day world. There are more advancements being invented in the computer technology, such as expansion cards, to improve the ability of computers to perform more functions. An expansion card is an electronic circuit that is added to expansion slots on a motherboard to aid a computer perform more functions. They are keyed which means that they are designed specifically for This paper thus seeks to identify the types of expansion cards and their functionality as far as computers are concerned.

With the continuous inventions, there are different types of expansion boards that have been designed for to enhance different capabilities. Some of the most commonly used expansion cards include; modems, graphics/video cards, network cards, television cards, host adaptor and post cards. Modem cards are basically used to modulate analogue carrier signal to decode digital information as well as demodulate the information to reveal the transmitted information. Video/ graphics cards are expansion circuits that aid a computer in generating a supply of output images to a display. The advantage of this is they provide an accelerated rendering of 3 dimensional scenes and 2 dimensional graphics. The cards assist in the improvement of display on a computer to produce enhanced display and animated features (Dean & Tamara, 240). Another important expansion card is the sound card. This circuit device aids in improving the input and output signals o and from a computer under a control of a computer program. Network cards are used to enable the interconnection of several computers. This is aided by the use of a network card which enables setting and maintaining of a local area network (LAN) for a group of computers(Morley & Charles, 69). These expansion cards are generally used to enhance certain capabilities in a computer depending on the use.

As pointed above, there are different functionalities for the different expansion cards. Different professions would use different cards because of the uniqueness of the profession. Designers are poised to use auto cards to draw and design. On the other hand, for information technology students can find network cards and modems useful not only in the course of study but also in their profession. This is because the expansion cards would enable them access information from the internet as well as the need to use more than one computer.

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