We must first determine whether alleviation is even needed.


We must first determine whether alleviation is even needed.The extent of the person’s negative effects can be determined if we have a better understanding of the individual’s symptoms and how they influence their day-to-day activities. Determining the most effective treatment, assuming that one is required,is the second purpose for participating in clinical assessment. There are numerous treatment alternatives, and you will find out in this module later.Examples of these treatments includes; cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology, cognitive and, family, psychodynamic, and humanistic-experiential therapy and behavior therapy. Naturally, for any mental illness,some of the above mentioned treatments will be of more use than the rest.It doesn’t quarantee than one will be effective for every client even if several therapies are successful. In determining this,assessment can help.Last but not least, we must determine whether our treatment was effective. Before beginning any treatment, measurements will be taken, and after that, measurements will be taken while the treatment is in progress. Later after treatment is finished, we will want to measure to make sure the disorder’s symptoms don’t come back. It will be easier for us to determine when a person’s psychological functioning improves if we know their baselines for various aspects.

Hand scoring data and computer scoring

When performing a computer data entry task, data accuracy is of the utmost importance. Due to the level of care taken when performing a particular task, hand scoring entry can be more accurate than automated data entry. Compared to an automated system, the human data entry operator may be able to identify and correct errors when they are discovered (Welan et al., 2005). Nevertheless, when compared to the existing mode of operation, the amount of manual data entering is more accurate. places a greater emphasis on data accuracy.The hand scoring is carried out by humans who are not perfect at carrying out repetitive task.A person is bound to make mistakes when faced with a tedious assignment as per the nature of humans.

Optical scan scoring

The ease with which a large number of tests can be scored is one of the advantages of using an optical scanner to score them. This makes it easier to grade exams and makes it easier for people who aren’t familiar with the material to give those grades (Segon et al., 2020). The scanner’s sensitivity is one of the drawbacks of using optical scanners. Some scanners may incorrectly score an answer for even the tiniest mark. Which will necessitate a manual scoring exam later? Another drawback of using an optical scanner is that the test’s design must adhere to a clearly defined format for multiple-choice answers. The focus on root memorization in multiple-choice answers is detrimental to students’ long-term development and fails to engage individuals in critical understanding of the material.

When am I licensed with level A will be carrying tests by administering, scoring, and interpreting with the help of the manual and a general.


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